Board of Directors Messages

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I feel overwhelming happiness for writing these words by the same pen I used 40 years ago to establish the early starts of the Group.

It is excellent performance and quality that we provide to our customers. It is quality and not quantity. With all respect, I greet all those who worked and contributed to what we achieved since the first building blocks until today and all those who contribute in building a better future for the Group. I confirm that we are all partners in success in the present and in future.

 These achievements are not by coincidence. These are results of careful steps taking into account the needs of the society and development requirements in Yemen. We cope every new development in technology and knowledge depending on the experience and capacity of our human resources whom we give special attention as the key elements for our achievements and for drawing our future.

These successes were crowned by the establishment of the top management of the Group through which we aim to continue the march of development in a more organized manner and to benefit from pioneer global experiences in business management and development to achieve the Group vision “to be in the lead”. 


Sheik \ Mohammed Bin Yahya Al Rowaishan

Al Rowaishan Group Board of Director

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To be in the lead …

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